Athena Marketing Research


Brandspan© has been developed to provide clients with greater insights into the effectiveness of their communication strategies and the impact communications have in developing the relationship consumers have with brands and services.

Brandspan© has application to both qualitative and quantitative research.

Brandspan© can be used to pre-test and re-fine communication strategies in the earliest development stages of product concepts through to finished advertising and marketing strategies. It has also proved to be an effective means of tracking relevance and effectiveness when incorporated into communication and brand tracking

Brandspan© has been used in the development of new product concepts, packaging, promotions, advertising development and tracking, for stand-alone projects, campaigns or to compare the strength of the various elements of an integrated marketing campaigns

Brandspan© allows quantitative comparisons to be made between different campaigns or target groups but also provides qualitative insights as to how the target is uplifting the messages in a unique way