Athena Marketing Research

Why 'Athena' Marketing Research?

In Greek mythology Athena represented wisdom, courage and victory.

Athena's symbols were a spear, a helmet and a shield which related to her role as goddess of war but this was tempered by the olive branch which symbolised her dual role as goddess of peace. The owl symbolised wisdom.

Athena's strengths straddled the arts and sciences, creativity and productivity, industry and agriculture. She was credited with the development of such diverse products as the flute, shoes, the plough and ship building.

Athena's strengths are as relevant to modern marketing challenges as they require creativity to develop new market opportunities, an understanding of the arts to engage the consumer and position the brand and a strong strategic focus to compete in a crowded and aggressive market place.

And the olive branch? Working collaboratively and harmoniously with key stakeholders offers the greatest chance of reaching your business goals.